S, M, L , XL - Crocheted hipbelt shades of PINK, cotton for bellydance , SILVER beads and coins decorated

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Crocheted hipbelt shades of PINK , cotton thread with glitter fibres , FLUORESCENT ORANGE BEADED and decorated with SILVER coins. Rectangle with crochet fringe and coins hanging down. Style : bellydance wear, tribal fusion, party outfit.
Size : Length 130 cm, decorated over 90-95 cm. This hipbelt suits hipt up to XL, but can also be adjusted to smaller sizes. To attach the belt for smaller sizes, use the holes in the crocheted handycraft work to put the ribbons through and tie the ribbons.

Ceinture cotton crochetée pour la danse orientale NUANCES DE ROSE décoration sequins et paillettes ARGENTÉS, aux longues franges décorées tombantes.
Mesures : longueur totale environs 130 cm, Hauteur environs 20 cm,  décorations tour de hanches environs 90-95 cm.

Keywords : crochet Shakira gordel, heupgordel, buikdanskleding, buikdansgordel


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